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Q: I have read that the battery of the P 6504 Diver watch lasts for ten years. Is this correct? How long does the battery of the P 6504 Nautic last?

A: We use the Renata No. 395 battery for both models. The Renata No. 395 battery has an approximate lifespan of four to six years.

Q: I recently purchased a traser® H3 Chrono BD Titan Blue watch and would like to know how long the battery will last if I were to always run the stopwatch? In other words, I would like to see the large red second-hand always moving instead of the smaller one.

A: The battery will last approximately two years with the stopwatch running continuously.

Q: My traser® H3 watch needs a new battery. Can I take it to any watchmaker for this service?

A: We suggest having the battery replaced only by an authorized H3 repair center. This is to make sure that your watch is still waterproof after the battery change. Please find an authorized H3 repair center on the right side of this page.

Q: Which type of battery is used for the traser® H3 P6506 Commander 100 watch?

A: We use Renata no. 395 battery for this model.

Q: Which movement do you use for the traser® H3 Classic Automatic Pro and Pro Blue (Standard, Elabor®, Top or Chronom®tre)?

A: We use the movement 2824-2 EL (Elabor®).

Q: Does an automatic (mechanical) movement measure time with the same accuracy as a quartz movement?

A: A watch with a quartz movement is ten times more accurate than a watch with an automatic movement.

Q: What is the normal time loss or gain for an automatic watch?

A: Depending on the type of watch, the average range for time loss or gain is +/- seven to twelve seconds per day.

Q: Is it possible to replace the trigalight tubes in my watch when they start to dim after 10 years or longer?

A: Yes, the trigalight tubes can be replaced when they begin to dim. If this should happen on a particularly older watch, be sure to first check with an authorized repair center.

Q: The illumination of the traser® H3 P 6508 Code Blue seems to be slightly dimmer than the green illumination. Is this correct?

A: Yes, that is correct. The blue illumination is somewhat dimmer than the green illumination because of the natural intensity of the color. More information about the color illumination of our watches.

Q: How long is the lifespan of tritium

A: The lifespan is normally twenty years, but will start getting dimmer after approximately ten years. Our gaseous tritium light sources (trigalight) are guaranteed for ten years.

Q: Except for the look, is there a difference between a silicon watchband and a rubber one?

A: The silicon band is softer, the rubber band is sturdier.

Q: My Super Sport watch does not have a serial number. Is this watch counterfeit?

A: Some Super Sport models have no serial numbers because they were released as a special sales promotion. This does not necessarily mean that you have purchased a counterfeit watch. Even without a serial number, your Super Sport watch has a two-year warranty, effective from the date of purchase.

Q: My watch has a five-digit serial number, but a seven-digit number is required for registration. How do I find the correct serial number?

A: Each traser® H3 watch has its individual serial number laser engraved on the back of the watch. The serial number is on a sticker on the outside of the watch box. The first two digits are 00, followed by the five-digit serial number.

Q: How can I order spare parts for my traser® H3 watch?

A: Spare parts are not sold and repairs are handled only by official H3 repair centers. Please contact our authorized service centers for assistance.

Q:How can I get a replacement rubber O-ring gasket

A: Please send your watch to one of our authorized repair centers. Please find an authorized H3 repair center on the right side of this page.

Q: Is it possible to restore scratched surfaces

A: Titanium surfaces can be refurbished by sandblasting. Stainless steel surfaces can be refurbished by buffing. However, PVD-coated steel cannot be refurbished.

Q: The second-hand of my watch jumps forward in five-second increments. Is my watch defective?

A: No, it is not defective. The second-hand jumping ahead is an indication that the battery is low and needs to be replaced soon.

Q: How does the pulse rate bezel work on my traser® H3 P 5902 SAR watch?

A: As soon as the second-hand passes the 12 o'clock position, start to count the heartbeats from 1 to 20. At 20, read the pulse calibration on the bezel to indicate the pulse rate. For night use, this watch utilizes a color code instead of numeric calibration. If the second-hand can be read in the green area after 20 heartbeats, everything is ok; however, if it is in the orange area, the person needs further medical care.

Q: How do I adjust the hand to show the second time zone on my traser® H3 GMT Pro watch?

A: Unlock the crown, pull it to position 1, turn the crown counterclockwise and adjust the second time zone (hour).

Q: Will the coating of my PVD - coated watch wear off or is it a permanent finish?

A: Eventually the PVD coating can wear off, but the degree of wear will vary with the length of time and the conditions under which the watch was worn.

Q: What is the hardness degree of the crystals you use?

A: The mineral crystal has a hardness degree of 900 Vickers. The sapphire crystal has a hardness degree of 2,100 Vickers

Q: Are your watches free of nickel?

A: We use surgical steel 316 L with a nickel content of 10%. People who are allergic to nickel should use our titanium watches, which do not contain nickel.

Q: How resistant to damage is the traser® H3 P 6506 Commander 100 watch if it is dropped?

A: The traser® H3 P 6506 Commander 100 watch can withstand falls up to one meter (about 40 inches) if dropped onto a wooden floor.


If your traser® H3 watch needs servicing or repair, please contact one of the service centers listed below or your local reseller.
Universal Watch Repair
177 South Old Woodward Ave.
Birmingham, MI 48009-6102
Phone +1 248 723 5400
The Empire Group
134 Fenmar Drive
Toronto ON, M9L 1M6
Phone +1 416-740-4445
mb-microtec ag
Freiburgstrasse 634
3172 Niederwangen
Phone +41 31 980 2020
Zen Imports Pty Ltd. (Main Distributor)
Unit 8 - 7 Rhodes St
West Ryde Sydney, NSW, 2114
Phone +61 2 980 79922
Hietzker KEG (Hauptimporteur)
Getreidestrasse 12
4050 Traun
Phone +43 72 050 0638
H3 Uhrenkontor GmbH (Exklusiv Distributor)
Böhmerwaldweg 10
61118 Bad Vilbel
Phone +49 61 015 09188
Diamond Co Ltd (Main Distributor)
1-4-15 Kitakyuhojimachi, Chuo-Ku
541 0057 Osaka
Phone +81 66 262 0061
LTD Timelight (Wholesale)
Small Semenovskaya Street 16
107023 Moskau
Phone +7 49 596 33101
Police Co., LTD (Hauptimporteur/Main Distributor)
5F, 2-7 SEC2, Nanya W RD Panchiao
Phone +886 22 960 8877
United Kingdom
Green Watches Services Ltd. (Main Distributor)
1 Clyffe House Betsy Lane Bransgore Christchurch
BH23 8AQ Dorset
Phone +44 1425 672 082
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